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The trouble with on-line shopping and websites, in general, is that many customers are disconnected from someone who can answer their questions in real time with precision. Rather than watching potential customers click away from their sites, many businesses have been adding live chat support. As it turns out, live chat has the ability to provide the convenient answers that customers want, while also adding significant benefits to the bottom line of companies. Nowadays, consumer expectations of customer service have reached new heights providing support via phone and email has become the default standard for most companies. To differentiate your business and improve the customer experience, it’s important to also give your customers access to on-demand support. How do you make sure your customers are getting their needs addressed as quickly as possible? Enter: Aussie VA 4 You.

Live Chat is Convenient for Customers

Our Aussie VA 4 You on-line chat system provides customers immediate access to help. Wait times are much less than a call centre, and customers can easily multi-task while waiting. Additionally, the pain of having to dial an 1800 or 1300 number and navigate through a maze of numeric options is non-existent. A Global Consumer Trend study found that 90% of customers consider live chat helpful and found that 63% were more likely to return to the website that offers live chat. 62% reported being more likely to purchase from the site again. A further 38% said they had made their purchase due to the chat session itself. Aussie VA 4 You is your online SALES ASSISTANT.

5 Reasons Why Live Chat is The Untapped Potential for Your Business:

    • Live Chat is Convenient for Customers
    • Live Chat Cuts Down on Expenses
    • ​Live chat Increases Sales
    • Live Chat Gives You An Edge on Your Competition
    • Live Chat Taps into Customer Pain Points and Addresses them Straight Away.
    Live Chat

    The importance of customer service

    There’s a business you run: an office with employees in it and a product or service that people want. Customers… everything you do is for them and they are the most precious value you have. Right?                     


    The relationship between you is simple – they vote for a product/service with their wallets. Whenever they approach you, it is totally up to you whether that affection for the product you sell is sustained or does it simply go “puff”, and it’s gone!

    Live help Multi Chat

    Customers choose chat

    Nothing beats chat when it comes to customer satisfaction. No other channel offers the same kind of convenience and effectiveness as a quick chat. It’s the go-to support solution customers pick when facing a problem on a website. Chats don’t put you on hold, it’s easy to use, it’s a constant experience. Customers prefer it over the phone.

    Aussie VA 4 You Live Chat for customer service!

    It’s never been this easy to sell your products and service to your customers with an Aussie VA 4 You On Line Sales Representative 

    Get to Know Your Customers


    Real-time Visitor Monitoring: Do you know who your site visitors are? Are they more than just numbers to you? Aussie VA 4 You gets to know your visitors better by viewing helpful information about each one; like where they are how they found your site if they are a returning visitor and even the search engine that sent them.

    Customer Lists: Would you like to inform your customers of an upcoming sale, a special event on your site, or just analyse your customer base? Aussie VA 4 You Live Chat creates exportable lists of your visiting customers so you can see them as real people and not just statistics. Aussie VA 4 You through our other services can do that for you too. Click here to see.

    Gain Social Insights: Why wait for a “like” to learn about your customers interests? Aussie VA 4 You chat system displays your visitor’s open social network profiles. Do you have products that match their tastes? Chances are, your visitor’s social data can guide our chat operators into making a sale.

    Custom Information Feed: Your visitor’s behaviour is saying something. Our operators read between the lines. The information feed gives our chat operator a full picture of what your customers are up to. What’s in their shopping cart? Which products are they browsing? Could they use some help? Aussie VA 4 You chat operators use the facts to close a sale.

    Increase Sales In Real Time!


    Generate a List of Hot Leads: Do you ever wish you had some information on those customers that almost made a purchase? Now you have a second chance to change their minds. The follow-up might be just what they needed to decide to buy. Aussie VA Chat system gathers Email and Phone contact details.

    Billboards in Live Chat Box: Aussie VA 4 You Creates your own promotional ads and displays them to chatting visitors. We send the right messages to motivate sales!

    Visitor Triggers: Every sale starts out at that crucial moment when your product’s price matched its benefit for your customer. Think of visitor triggers as an insider tip on precisely when and how to present those benefits in a personalized way that seals the deal. Visitor triggers can notify Aussie VA 4 You agents in real time when visitors complete desired actions, we then send out custom chat invitations automatically, and accommodate custom scripts so we can present your special offers. Automate the sales process with  Aussie VA 4 You Visitor Triggers.

    Get Honest Feedback and Analytics


    Aussie VA 4 You Reporting and Analytics: The facts don’t lie. Right now there is a wealth of information on your site holding vital clues to your perfect sales formula. Aussie VA 4 You Analytics focus in on the data that matters most to your bottom line, including a wealth of operator and website performance reports.

    Customizable Surveys: Stop wondering what your customers really think... ask them outright. Aussie VA 4 You Create's customizable surveys that start a conversation about what your customers really want. Their suggestions may lead to simple changes that make a big difference!

    Export Chat History & All Other Reports: You need a strategy for learning from your site and our operator performance. Aussie VA 4 You Exports chat history and report data into Microsoft Excel that can help you spot trends, make correlations and find answers hidden in your own data.

    Email & Ticket System

    email_ ticket_system_overview

    email_ ticket_system_overview

    Our agents respond to customer inquiries with lightening speed. Eliminate email mess. Aussie VA 4 You has a powerful, scalable web-based customer service suite that turns your static site into a powerful and dynamic resource for helping new and existing customers efficiently and effectively. Our ticket management system allows your business to be open and provide customer service 24/7/365. It will conquer your daily email communication. We Organize, prioritize, analyse and archive customer inquiries for easy access at any time and all forwarded to you. The Ticket System eliminates email mess.Customer emails can quickly accumulate and become overwhelming. By funnelling every customer inquiry into one place Aussie VA 4 You help desk agents can collaborate &respond to customers in record time.

    Knowledge Base System

    Aussie VA 4 You will AUTOMATE your ONLINE SUPPORT. Adding a knowledge base to your website reduces customer service call volumes by answering common customer questions automatically. Are customers more likely to buy from a website that provides them with information quickly and easily?Absolutely. Imagine all the questions your customers ask coming together in one location - easily accessible both publicly and privately. These questions can be published in the form of a searchable FAQ that can be fully customized and branded to match your existing website design.


    Make your FAQs work harder so you can work smarter. A robust reporting engine tracks web hits popular search terms, the best and most poorly rated articles along with other data that can help shape marketing, sales or support strategies.

    Increase company revenues and customer retention rates.There is a straight line connecting a Knowledge Base and increased sales.When a customer gets all the information they need to make an informed decision, they'll buy with confidence. When the customer uses a Knowledge Base afterwards to resolve issues easily, they will feel well taken care of, will enjoy the product more, will be more likely to buy from you again and will hopefully spread the word.


    Help new and existing customers efficiently and effectively. A Knowledge Base streamlines sales and support processes no matter how customers prefer to contact you. When contacting via live chat, Aussie VA 4 You operators quickly pull up an FAQ article to reference to help them. We Email customers links to articles, taking them to your website where they can help themselves to more product information.

    Live Chat System

    ​Aussie VA 4 You utilising the Live Help Now Platform is the powerful, scalable web-based customer service suite that turns your static site into a dynamic resource for helping new and existing customers efficiently and effectively. Aussie VA 4 You Harness a real-time advantage to boost your sales, take better care of your customers and improve your bottom line. See a preview of the software Aussie VA 4 You, uses to support and create sales for your Business.

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