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Susan Wilkin Virtual Assistant Services, Business and Administration Support at Adminaholics Virtual Assistant Services


"Tony is extremely knowledgeable when it comes to websites, social media and software in general. It has been my pleasure to work with Tony and to also recommend him to clients where he has presented easy to understand information and full packages. Thank you, Tony for your extreme professionalism, extensive knowledge and ease to work with! I would highly recommend!"                                                                                                                        

Julie Hurman Data Entry Facebook Business Marketing Administration

I would highly recommend Tony for anyone who is having trouble with Website Building, Social Media or Software in general.

One afternoon I contacted Tony to ask him about a client's website. Tony went out of his way to help me, even though it took longer than expected, he was willing to provide me a great service and made sure that I understood everything before the phone call was finished. I have also noticed that Tony has great tips and ideas that he is willing to share through mentoring new Virtual Assistants and I am very grateful for his wisdom.

I can highly recommend Tony to anyone.

Liz parker

 Virtual Assistants Business Coach

Trainer Author Speaker SEO Expert Business Automation Coach and Mentor


Tony is a very personable and responsible business owner who provides high quality services to his clients. He is genuinely a nice guy who goes out of his way to support and help others. If you are struggling with any aspect of your online marketing, website or SEO then look no further. I highly recommend Tony and his services for your business

Judy Small

Quality Endorsed Transcription Services * President Australian Association for Industry Professionals Ltd.

AVA plus logo

I have had the pleasure of working alongside Tony Mills over the last two years as he has served on the board of Australian Association for Virtual Professionals (AAVIP). During this period I have found Tony to be not only Professional in his commitment to the Board but also a very friendly and willing participant. Tony has not only given of is time freely to assist such an important Association but has been willing to share his many years of expertise and experience to assist in the smooth running of AAVIP and all the many cogs that keep this wheel turning. Tony as become our go to person and we just love working with him. Tony is a great team player, and I enjoy having him on the Board. 

Tony has been assisting me in the transition of growth in the new Website and Social Media Marketing for AAVIP, and with his involvement, the Social Media and awareness has grown considerably over that time. I have also had the pleasure of having Tony assisting me in my own business with both website development and Social Media Marketing I have found his skills to improve and enhance these areas of my business.If you need that go to guy, I highly recommend Tony and know you won’t be disappointed when engaging his expertise to assist your business.

Sarah Mansfield

Virtual Assistant for Coaches, WordPress and Email Marketing (MailChimp) Support at VA Executive Services

I would highly recommend Tony! I came across a web problem that I had not previously encountered and Tony and his colleague helped me by walking me through the process step by step to fix the issue. Many thanks Tony!